To the rest of the country, Philadelphia is just a random city located somewhere between DC and New York, but to everyone that calls this place home, it is the best sports town in America. We definitely haven’t been the most successful (especially recently), but we are unquestionably the most passionate. If you’re like me, being a 4-for-4 fan was ingrained in you the day you were born. You don’t question it; you embrace that you are now a part of a religion, the heart and soul of Philadelphia. The wins and losses, the lousy calls referees always seem to make against Philly and the reoccurring theme of getting your heart broken have and will always ignite something inside of me that keeps me coming back for more.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to attend a ton of games, specifically Flyers games. My dad has had season tickets since before I can remember; so, basically, I came out of the womb already bleeding orange and black. In fact, I’m probably one of the biggest Flyers fans you will ever meet. Despite how many times they’ve left me speechless after a loss (or hundreds), the Fly Guys will always be my number one team.

Now, like I said before, I’ve been to a ton of Flyers games. But, I’ve never seen my boys play on the road. So, yesterday, I decided, on a whim, to make the trek down 95 to our nation’s capital to see my mediocre team take on the league’s best. I knew from the start what I was potentially getting myself into. As much as I HATE the Caps, I can respect good hockey and they have been on fire this season. The Flyers needed to pull out all the stops to avoid heading into the All-Star break on a 4 game losing streak.

Despite all odds, my boys in orange and black pulled out the road W. Let me repeat myself, the Philadelphia Flyers beat the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Center and it felt so unbelievably good to witness it in person. Hands down, one of the best hockey games I’ve seen in a while. The Flyers had no business winning a game like this, which is what made it that much more special. This is the type of win that we can build off of, the type that could begin the push for a playoff spot, the type that we’ll look back on as crucial. Don’t count us underdogs out just yet, because there is still plenty of hockey left and the Flyers are starting to play with some jam again.

Some notes I gathered while at the game:

  • I was extremely impressed with how many Flyers fans showed up last night. For a team that is pretty much exactly where everyone predicted them to be (bottom half), we represented well. There wasn’t a goal that went by where I didn’t have 5 or 6 Flyers fans to high five, which was awesome.

  • I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous heading into a stadium, other than my own, while proudly repping the Flyers logo on my chest. But, boy, oh boy, was I wrong! In fact, the fans were downright welcoming. I got plenty of high fives and even a few hugs. (Looking back, this was probably just a weird excuse to cop a feel.) I love my Simon Gagné jersey too, but just because I think Ovi is one of the most talented guys to ever play the game does NOT mean I’m going to compliment you on your jersey. Where is the competitiveness? Where is the passion?

  • During the Star Spangled Banner, every Caps fan in the place yelled out “red” when the lyric “And the rocket’s red glare” was sung, which was just totally unexpected and weird…We get it, you “rock the red.”

  • There was a horn that blasted over the loud speakers every so often to initiate a “Let’s go Caps” chant. At first, I thought this was kind of cool because it made the chant more uniformed. But, the more I thought about it, the more I hated it because why cant you all just be passionate enough to start your own god damn chant?

  • The Caps don’t have ice girls…only ice men. Interesting. I guess this is more PC? Typical.

  • The overall crowd was a lot more attractive looking than at Flyers games. Whatever, I’ll take the South Philly vibe over you well-dressed (probably rich) cuties any day of the week. (It’s not like I’m trying to find a hubby or anything.)

  • Where do you all disperse to after the game because, in Philly, the Xfinity Center is the place to be? (I go to ride the mechanical bull, obviously.)

  • I was a little disappointed to not hear one “Flyers suck” comment, especially after we won and I was being way too much of an asshole about it. Show some emotion and put me in my place. Again, where is the passion?

  • I’m now the Flyers good luck charm on the road. So, I guess that means I’m expected to start traveling more…shit.