First step in becoming a famous blogger: get a blog.

Second step in becoming a famous blogger: maintain said blog.



A lot has happened, a lot to catch you up on, so here goes nothing.

In the past year...

  • I got a new job

  • I moved into my very own big girl apartment in Philadelphia and then spent my entire life's savings furnishing and decorating

  • My parents bought a shore house
  • I escaped a burning building

  • I marked one year with my dog child

  • I trained for and ran my fourth full marathon (fyi that's 26.2 miles)
  • I attended my very first NFL game

  • I watched the Eagles win the Super Bowl and then celebrated with 2 million of my closest friends

  • I traveled to Los Angeles to lead my very first social media photoshoot

  • I saw Villanova bring yet another championship back to the city of Philadelphia

  • I turned 25 and then witnessed an armed robbery

  • I went on "Spring Break" with the family to Grand Cayman (blog to come)

  • I celebrated one year with my boyfriend Mike and then signed a lease with him (we move June 29th)

  • I ran Broad Street and then two weeks later completed my second Tough Mudder

  • I joined a book club (shout out Taylor Garrett)
  • I got my website back up and running 

  • and, I survived my first year as an independent adult and am THRIVING

Life has been good to me, but I've busted my ass off for it, and it most certainly hasn't been easy. I've learned a lot, cried a lot, and have experienced a record number of anxiety attacks.

Through it all, I am blessed to have had my family, my boyfriend, my friends, the gym, and most importantly, my dog.