Completed my first Tough Mudder this past weekend and, despite how cold it was, am completely hooked. I'm pretty biased, but all four of us completely KILLED it! Shoutout to my team for letting me be one of the boys for the day and to my fam (specifically my dad on his birthday) for cheering us on and snapping all of these awesome pics!


It’s that time of year again! I know you all think I’m crazy…trust me I KNOW. So, this year, you’ll be happy to hear that I’m skipping out on all 26.2 and have settled on a half.

It was a hard decision, honestly. (Insert all of your eye rolls here.) I’ve run a full marathon the last three years and last year I ran a full followed by a half one week later. It’s become sort of a tradition each November and people have started to expect me to run and to run fast. And, since I’m so freakin’ competitive, I can’t let anybody see me as anything but the best and the fastest, like I’m some sort of Olympian or something…I’m not, nowhere close, and have no desire to ever become that good. In doing so, I completely destroyed my body and lost all joy for something that used to be my much needed stress reliever.

So, this year I’m running a half and will have absolutely no regrets when, at mile 13.1, I split from the full marathoners to cross the finish line not wanting to kill myself!