I’m a twenty something, unemployed, college graduate hoping to God that 2016 will be the year I get my “big” break. So, why not hop on the blogging bandwagon to fill up my time. (And, of course, add a little something to my portfolio.)

I’m sure many of you reading this know by now that I graduated from JMU, the greatest school on earth, back in May 2015, and have yet to find a real life job…cue my eight-month (yup, you read that right) panic attack. While everyone else seems to have gotten their life somewhat on track, I’m out here floundering around trying to figure out my next chapter. But, you know what? I’ve decided that is just A-OK!

So here it is, my blog, where I’ll talk all things Erika and what I’m diggin’ at the moment!

I hope all you peepz enjoy following along with me as I embark on this whole “life” thangggg!