First step in becoming a famous blogger: get a blog.

Second step in becoming a famous blogger: maintain said blog.



A lot has happened, a lot to catch you up on, so here goes nothing.

In the past year...

  • I got a new job

  • I moved into my very own big girl apartment in Philadelphia and then spent my entire life's savings furnishing and decorating

  • My parents bought a shore house
  • I escaped a burning building

  • I marked one year with my dog child

  • I trained for and ran my fourth full marathon (fyi that's 26.2 miles)
  • I attended my very first NFL game

  • I watched the Eagles win the Super Bowl and then celebrated with 2 million of my closest friends

  • I traveled to Los Angeles to lead my very first social media photoshoot

  • I saw Villanova bring yet another championship back to the city of Philadelphia

  • I turned 25 and then witnessed an armed robbery

  • I went on "Spring Break" with the family to Grand Cayman (blog to come)

  • I celebrated one year with my boyfriend Mike and then signed a lease with him (we move June 29th)

  • I ran Broad Street and then two weeks later completed my second Tough Mudder

  • I joined a book club (shout out Taylor Garrett)
  • I got my website back up and running 

  • and, I survived my first year as an independent adult and am THRIVING

Life has been good to me, but I've busted my ass off for it, and it most certainly hasn't been easy. I've learned a lot, cried a lot, and have experienced a record number of anxiety attacks.

Through it all, I am blessed to have had my family, my boyfriend, my friends, the gym, and most importantly, my dog.


It's officially been one year since I was offered my first "big girl" job! And, since I'm the most anally organized person known to man, I've been able to look back on just where all of the money I've earned has gone. Haha, but seriously, I've done some pretty awesome things and been to some pretty spectacular places in a year. AND, I was able to save a boat load thanks to my roomies who haven't kicked me out just yet. 

Ok, here goes. In one year, I've been to...

  • Seattle to visit my best friend from high school
  • JMU FOUR times. Once to see one of my best friends from college graduate, once for Homecoming, and twice to visit my sister!
  • White water rafting in West Virginia to celebrate one of my college friend's birthday
  • D.C. FOUR times to visit college friends
  • Elizabethtown, PA for a wedding
  • The Jersey Shore THREE times
  • Dover, DE for Firefly
  • NYC TWICE. Once to see Jimmy Fallon and once for a conference in which I was a panel speaker!
  • Bermuda for a family vaca
  • Maryland to see my college roomies
  • Frisco, TX to see the Dukes win the national championship!
  • Road tripped from LA down to San Diego, CA
  • Park City, UT for a family ski trip
  • Charlottesville for a college reunion 

I added it up, and throughout the past year, I've spent 22 weekends traveling...TWENTY-TWO!!

AND, in between all of that, I bought a month's worth of Phillies season tickets, went to a few concerts, got a pup, trained for and ran a half marathon, been to about a dozen Flyers games, and, yes, I also work full-time. 

No wonder I'm so damn tired!


I was a panel speaker at my very first work conference, so I guess that officially makes me a "real" business woman. Putting real in quotation marks because honestly, most times I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. If I've learned anything since graduation, it's that confidence is key. Be unique, trust your gut, pretend to know what you're talking about, and you're guaranteed to knock people's socks off.

But in all seriousness, I felt like a total boss lady for the three days I was in NYC. And, I totally pretended I was living the lifestyle of the rich and famous while staying in this sweet hotel. I even went to a Knicks game by myself because why the heck not? 


I don’t like change. In fact, I don’t even like it when minor changes disrupt my daily schedule. Like, ummm, no I can’t meet you for dinner tonight, I already have plans to pet my make-believe dog. I’m a routine type of gal and that’s the way I like it. Some people can fly by the seat of their pants and others keep a schedule down to the exact second they will brush their teeth. I’m the latter. 

There are some pros and cons to being “this way” aka having OCD out the wazoo. I’m the most organized person you’ll ever meet. (Ask me to find anything in my room and I’ll be able to tell you EXACTLY where it is.) I’ll never miss a deadline. (Procrastination just doesn’t exist in my world.) And, I KILL THE GAME in everything that I do. (Good luck trying to beat me.) But, it makes transitions feel as if I’m about to be shipped off to war. (In other words, pretty freakin’ terrible.)

So, when I graduated from JMU, I got thrown for a loop. Everything in my world came crashing down and I experienced the worst time of my life. I spent four years becoming a kick-ass human being all while having the time of my life spent with some pretty amazing peeps. (You know who you are.) Now, an entire year later, I’m doing alright. Finally employed, but nowhere near as happy as I was and still longing to feel that amazing connection that I had with JMU. Time has definitely helped. But, when I went back to JMU this weekend to see one of my closest friends take that final strut across the graduation stage, all of my feelings came rushing back. It’s a strange feeling, really. I miss JMU and I miss my friends, but mostly I miss the person I was at that time and at that place.

So, to the Class of 2016, YOU DID IT! Enjoy this next week with your people in your place and bask in the glory of everything that you’ve accomplished over the past 4 (maybe more) years. But, do me a favor and take a minute to let reality hit you. Let it hit you like a ton of bricks and look around thinking back on all of the memories that you shared with the people that became your family, the nights spent with perfect strangers, the drunken nights, the sober nights, the laughs, the tears, the hook-ups, the break-ups, the stressful all-nighters, and most importantly the smiles, because no matter how hard you try, that life with those people at that place has now come to an end. Look back, walk away and know that you did it big!


I wish I could go back to the time when my mom arranged my playdates for me. The days when the biggest problem I had was someone making fun of my large ginger afro. Actually, looking back, those were pretty awful days…why are people so mean to redheads? But, that’s beside the point and a rant for another day.

I’m almost 23, live with my parents and am unemployed. How the heck am I supposed to find friends (who aren’t spread out all over the country/world)? Seriously, though. 

Now, there are plenty of dating apps out there. But, as appealing as unwarranted sexual advances sound, I really just want/need a possy. Where’s that app, huh? To find a group I can shoot the shit, spill the beans and talk the talk with? To find some peeps to party hardy with and a gang that sticks together?

Basically, what I’m saying is that I want college again. I knew that I was having the best time of my life while I was in it, but I never dreamed it would suck this bad out in the real world. If you’re reading this and haven’t graduated yet, don’t do it, it’s a trap. Also, if you’re reading this and go to JMU, it’s a Thursday night…you already know what to do.